5-Day Adventure - Pack in the Action

5-Day Adventure - Pack in the Action


Enter this gateway to a secret world, where the past meets the present, where the thriving eco-culture is preserved in time, and where tomorrow's next adventure seamlessly blends into the rich cultural past of the Gauchos.

What’s Included

  • 5 days and 5 nights guided adventure in Condor Valley and surrounding Salta Valley

  • Double occupancy lodging first night in Chicoana and during stay in Condor Valley

  • Transportation throughout Salta’s magical towns

  • Exceptional wildlife including: condors, toucans, parrots, armadillo, anteaters, wild cats, guanacos, the magical taruca, and a guaranteed sighting of our donkey Raúl

  • Rustic lodging on a 150-year-old estancia

  • Delicious, fresh, local cuisine plus wine from our vineyards. All meals and snacks included during stay in Condor Valley. **This does not include meals on day of arrival in Salta or any travel outside of Condor Valley

  • Adventures of your choosing including: horseback riding, whitewater rafting, zip-lining, Gaucho games, hiking, bird watching, and fly fishing

  • Wine tasting of our wines tended to from root to glass on our property

  • Asado under the stars

  • A cultural immersion with the Pekarek Family

  • Breathtaking views and the experience of a lifetime

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Condor Valley is a conservation ecotourism destination, nestled on a 100 square-mile property in the Salta region of Argentina. Here you will find some of the best hikes in Argentina, mountains, horseback rides, Gauchos, fly fishing, whitewater rafting or kayaking, bird watching, zip lining, wine tasting, stargazing, cave paintings, and optional camping by the Juramento River.

FINISH: Salta, Argentina

START: Salta, Argentina






10 Years Old Recommended




5 Days and 5 Nights


Historic Estancia & Hotel


At the end of a horseback ride through Salta's Condor Valley, adventurers are rewarded with wine from grapes grown on-site, a gourmet meal and breathtaking hidden waterfall. Filmed during the Adventure Travel World Summit 2017. Powered by the Adventure Travel Trade Association.



Accommodations on day of arrival in Chicoana and while on Condor Valley

Ground transportation

All Meals in Condor Valley and Snacks during outings

Activities while in Condor Valley

Regional Wine Tour

Guide fluent in English, Spanish, and German


International or domestic airfare

Personal expenses (laundry, clothing, extra snacks, etc.)

Souvenirs from local artisans (Only payable in the equivalent in local currency, in cash)

Travel insurance (required)

Trip cancellation insurance (recommended)

Meals and activities in Salta on your day of arrival

Beverages outside of designated meals

A chocolate on your pillow






Please note, this is just a sample itinerary. To be frank: our main man Martin is a true renaissance Gaucho – we don’t want to program him or tie any of our visitors to a set schedule beyond what is needed. We hope you will embrace the freedom of the Gaucho lifestyle with us as we allow flexibility in group activities so that we can truly cater to your adventurous heart’s desires.

We do not promise a rigid itinerary, we promise a truly unique and immersive experience that will give you camp fire stories to share for the rest of your days.


  • Arrive at Martín Miguel de Güemes International Airport (SLA) one day prior to your departure for Condor Valley.
  • Travelers will be picked up at the airport by Condor Valley staff and stay at our 'Basecamp' Chicoana for the night.
  • Local sights include Downtown Salta City (1mm), Museum of High Altitude Archaeology, etc
  • Basecamp Chicoana – Casona is adjacent to Plaza de Chicoana **Meals and activities while in Salta City are not included


  • Enjoy continental breakfast at Basecamp Chicoana – Casona before departing for Condor Valley
  • Scenic drive across the Cabra Corral Dam to Condor Valley, arrive mid-morning
  • Picnic lunch with empanadas, tamales, humitas
  • Afternoon activity of your choosing
    • Horseback riding on one of 4 minor horse trails
      • Riding orientation
    • Hiking or trekking
      • 3 different half day hikes
    • Wine tasting at Condor Valley's Pulpería and tour of Condor Valley Vineyards
      • 8 acres field grafted vineyards
    • Bird watching
      • At sunset hike a circuit route around the main dam
      • Possible condor sightings
  • Enjoy a traditional fresh-grilled asado dinner and wine from our very own Condor Valley Vineyards at the owner’s private residence ‘The Loft’
  • Stargazing


  • Continental breakfast at the Colonial House
  • Horseback ride to Condor Falls
    • Riding orientation
    • Depart Colonial House and ride to Condor Falls (4 hours)
    • Hike to 30 ft Condor Falls (1.5 miles)
  • Lunch at the falls
  • Depart Condor Falls and return to Colonial House (4 hours)
  • Dinner at The Loft
  • Stargazing

OPTION 1: Pack in the Adventure at Condor Valley


  • Continental breakfast at the Colonial House
  • Adventure of the group's choosing
    • Horseback ride to either east to Mt. Creston or north to Rio Juramento with destination lunch (Full Day)
    • Drive or horseback ride to painted outcrops, including a 3-mile round trip hike to the caves (Full Day)
    • White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Zip lining (Full Day)
    • Hikes (Full or Half Day)
    • Horseback ride on one of 4 minor horse trails (Half Day)
    • Wine tasting at Condor Valley's Pulpería and tour of Condor Valley Vineyards (2-4 hours)
    • Bird watching at sunrise or sunset (2 hours)
    • Empanada making (2 - 4 hours)
  • Dinner at The Loft
  • Stargazing


  • Continental breakfast at the Colonial House
  • Trip to Cafayate through spectacular Quebracho de Las Conchas (3.5-4 hours)
  • Lunch at Piatelli Winery or other restaurant (price not included)
  • Visit to Cafayate wineries
  • Vinas de Cafayate Hotel stay (~$150 per room)
    **Meals and accommodations while in Salta Valley are not included


  • Breakfast at Cafayate Hotel
  • Visit to local markets and shops
  • Hiking in the breathtaking Quebrada de los Conchas
  • Lunch in Cafayate
  • Return drive to Salta City (4 hour)
  • Departure from Martín Miguel de Güemes International Airport (SLA) **Meals and accommodations while in Salta Valley are not included

OPTION 2: Seclantás, the path of the Artisans, Tour of Salta Valley and High Andes


  • Continental breakfast at the Colonial House
  • Trip to Cafayate through spectacular Quebracho de Las Conchas (3.5 hours)
  • Lunch at Piatelli Winery (price not included)
  • Visit Cafayate Wineries
  • Quebrada de las Flechas (walk)
  • Vinas de Cafayate Hotel stay (~$150 per room)
    **Meals and accommodations while in Salta Valley are not included


  • Breakfast at Cafayate Hotel
  • Trip up into the mountains to Cachi (4 hours)
  • Lunch in Cachi
  • Visit to Cachi Archeological Museum
  • Drive to Molinos (1 hour)
  • Stay at traditional Hacienda de Molinos ($125 - $150 per room) **Meals and accommodations while in Salta Valley are not included


  • Breakfast at Hacienda de Molinos
  • Visit Colomé J. Turrel Museum (local artist)
  • Lunch at Colomé Winery
  • Return drive to Salta City over gorgeous altiplano, Cardones National Park, and down out of Andes over the Cuesta del Obispo pass at 10,000 feet (4 - 5 hour)
  • Departure from Martín Miguel de Güemes International Airport (SLA)


Our Accommodations


The Loft

The Loft, situated on the central hill in the main valley of the ranch, has two main bedrooms for couples as well as one large bunk room. The porch is a popular gathering place for after dinner relaxation below the star filled Southern Atmosphere night skies.


BaseCamp at Chicoana

Located in the small community of Chicoana, our 19th century Spanish Colonial style inn serves as "base camp" for day activities and adventures in the area. Chicoana is a traditional gaucho village at the foothills of the Andes – you can often awake to the sounds of Toucans.


The Cabana Teru Teru

Located on Condor Valley, the Cabana Teru Teru is a historic adobe puesto, recently rebuilt with materials sourced directly from the Condor Valley. You’ll sleep soundly in this modern building and will awaken in the morning to the soothing call of Teru Teru birds from the nearby alfalfa fields.


The Colonial House

The Colonial House has three bedrooms for visitors and interns, and also serves as the place of meetings and social activities. The majority of our fiestas and staff parties take place in the Colonial House, which is specially equipped for the preparation and consumption of roasts.


Meet Your Guides

Your journey will be guided by Martín Pekarek and his sons, multi-generational natives of the Salta Region and legendary stewards of Condor Valley. This is more than just a trip; prepare to be fully immersed and seduced by the undiscovered wilderness and colorful culture of northwestern Argentina.

IMG_9944 (1).jpg

Martin Pekarek

Renaissance Gaucho and Local Manager

Martin is a true Renaissance Gaucho. He is the multifunctional overall local manager of Condor Valley administration and tourism, a true doer who loves to share in experiences and offer visitors new perspectives – most especially as he guides you around the valley on horseback. As an ethnologist, painter, designer, and farmer – he prefers to be amongst artists, thinkers, philosophers, and those who simply embrace nature to its fullest. Martin serves as the pioneer tour guide for custom made trips and always loves solving a good challenge. He has worked at Condor Valley since its purchase in 2005 and before that in local tourism after returning to Argentina in 1990 following some time studying and working as a magazine designer in Vienna, Austria. Martin is multilingual and fluent in English, Spanish, and German.


Bruno Pekarek

Nascent Winemaker and Chief Asador

Bruno is Condor Valley’s nascent Winemaker and Chief Asador serving as our local ranch, orchard, and vineyard agronomist and manager. As Martin’s oldest son and right-hand man, Bruno managers Condor Valley’s staff as the day to day ranch operator. He is a passionate conservationist who knows the land and works closely with Martin, Hank, and the Global Wildlife Conservancy and their camera trapping efforts. He has worked at Condor Valley since 2008 after studying in Vienna, Austria. Leaving for some time to intern with several prestigious winemakers in California where he learned the meticulous art of making delicious wines. Bruno is the father of two beautiful daughters and works with his wife Analia on the administrative side of things. He supports and coaches staff, is both stubborn and flexible, super resourceful, practical, and ever committed to guide every project to success no matter the cost. He is a great story teller and wise beyond his age.


Dario Pekarek

Modern Day Machinery Gaucho

Dario is an enthusiastic doer and knower serving as Condor Valley’s Head of All Things Mechanical and the go-to-guy for hospitality and staff. He has a deep passion for knowledge and is ever curious about cultural histories, outdoor experiences, and heavy-duty tools and machinery. Following the footsteps of his older brother, he went to school in Vienna, Austria where he focused on Hotel Management and Information Technology and then - feeling called to return to his Argentinian roots and explore Gaucho traditions - he came to work at Condor Valley in 2012. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and German and in addition to being a great guide and excellent horseback rider Dario is also a great dancer and isn’t shy to show you.


Nico Barros

Everything Marketing and Ranch Impresario

Nico serves as Condor Valley’s Head of Condor Valley Wine Sales and local marketing (the Ranch Impresario). He is an adventuresome spirit who understands the value of preparation, striking the seemingly seamless balance of coordinating and bringing things into action so that guests can enjoy their time to the fullest. He loves to motivate and inspire visitors in all sorts of games and fun outdoor activities plus opportunities to learn about the cultural and natural background of the region. He is our specialist in building the full range of survival to high-end camps, preparing adventure logistics, and he literally wrote our course in rescue and first aid. He is Bruno’s left-hand man in wine making and is the lead of wine sales. He has worked at Condor Valley since 2017 and is an all-around team member.



What You’ll Love About Salta

The province of Salta, situated in the mountains of northwestern Argentina, is known as ‘the cradle of Argentine folklore’, with much of the Andean music, dance, art and culture stemming from this region. At the peak of the Incan Empire, Salta was at the center of the southernmost reach of the empire, the Qullasuyu. As the northwest region of Argentina holds the highest concentration of indigenous peoples, the fiercely defended Gaucho lifestyle and traditions remain culturally relevant and intact.


The preserved ecology, regenerative agriculture, variations in elevation and diverse microclimates make Salta a premier destination for wildlife viewing. Its vast territory is home to 65% of all Argentine bird species, with 657 species of the 1,000 that live in the country being found in Salta. Condor Valley supports a diverse and abundant array of flora, fauna and zoological species, including giant armadillos, anteaters, jaguarundi, ocelots, pumas and pampas cats, corzuelas, agoutis, fox, wild boar, partridges and condors.

Traditional Cooking

The quintessential Argentinean social gathering, the sacred Asado, is more than a barbeque; it's cooking in its purest form: fire, grill and meat. While all of our cattle and sheep are raised here to provide you with one of the most cherished culinary traditions in South America, all of our dishes are accompanied by an exquisite vegetarian fare. The quasi-religious “low and slow” preparation method leaves plenty of time to savor the social hour, enjoyed with a glass of wine and a few picadas.


Travel Insurance

We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance for all trips. Travel insurance allows you to seek reimbursement if you are forced to cancel your trip for unforeseeable reasons, or if you need to cover medical help, emergency transport, and/or theft or accidental damage while traveling. Condor Valley recommends Berkshire Hathaway travelers insurance.


Adventure FAQs


Please arrive in Salta one day prior to your departure to Condor Valley. Travelers will stay in our Chicoana Basecamp for the night.


Travelers that are 10 years old are welcome to do this adventure with a guardian. Please contact us first if you wish to bring a traveler under 10.


These expeditions require excellent physical fitness. You will be traveling in remote areas and experience high levels of physical exertion. These expeditions include longer days, greater elevation gain, and more challenging terrain. Travelers joining our difficult expeditions should be in good physical shape and should expect to hike all day while carrying a pack.


While there is no solo traveler fee, we do need a minimum of 3 people per tour. If your chosen dates do not meed this minimum, we will offer you alternatives.


You are responsible only for personal clothing and gear listed below. You are responsible only for personal clothing and gear listed below.

Clothing and accessories

T-Shirts and long sleeved cotton shirts

Jersey/ fleece for early morning game drives


Underwear (sports bras are good for for long bumpy game drives)

Cotton Scarf/Bandana

Pashminas for the girls

Walking shoes & trainers


Swimming Costume


Sun Hat


Suntan lotion (SPF 30+ is recommended)

Camera (worth investing in an SLR if you are serious about photos. Remember batteries and memory cards)

Binoculars (min 10x power magnification recommended. Nikon would be a good, affordable starter point, for more expensive options, view Leica or Swarovski)

Reading material (see recommended reading)

LED Torch

Basic medical kit (inc. Malaria tablets, rehydration salts, painkillers, antihistamines, Compeed, Blistex)

Mosquito Repellant (DEET 20% min.)

Passport, Visa, Tickets, Money etc.

All medications as prescribed by your physician


We highly reccomend Traveler's Insurance. Travel insurance allows you to seek reimbursement if you are forced to cancel your trip for unforeseeable reasons, or if you need to cover medical help, emergency transport, and/or theft or accidental damage while traveling. For travel insurance recommendations, please email us.


You may cancel reservations up to 72 hours after the booking is made. After that time period, all modifications/cancellations will be granted solely at the discretion of Condor Valley. Cancellation processing fees may apply.



There's no better or more sustainable way to explore this amazing planet than through human-powered adventure.

Martín Pekarek