"The thought of being at the right place and not needing to be anywhere else"


Conservation and Adventure

Nestled within 70,000 pristine acres of northwestern Argentinean territory, Condor Valley is a world from the past. The thriving wildlife and natural beauty of the high Andes create the ideal setting for the most authentic Gaucho experience on the planet.


What to Expect

Your journey will be guided by Martín Pekarek and his sons, multi-generational natives of the Salta Region and legendary stewards of Condor Valley. This is more than just a trip; prepare to be fully immersed and seduced by the undiscovered wilderness and colorful culture of northwestern Argentina.


What's Included

Custom tailored trip through the Andes
Breakfast by the river
Dinner on Mt. Creston
Horseback riding
Cattle drives
Star gazing
Fly fishing
Bird watching
Whitewater rafting
Exceptional wildlife viewing
All meals and snacks included


Imagine settling around a campfire beneath the stars, savoring a glass of wine while a traditional Argentinian asado sizzles on the grill, relaxing after a day of horsebacking through the high Andes mountainsides, rivers and waterfalls alongside a modern-day Gaucho legend, swapping tales about the condors and wild cats that were sighted only hours earlier.


Following in Martín's Footsteps

In pursuit of something greater, Martín decided to radically change the course of his life and reconnect with nature in one of the most exceptional places in the world. During his quest for freedom, he was granted the keys to a secret world. 




In the Northwest Argentine province of Salta lies the hidden Estancias: La Bodega and the adjoining, El Tipal. These properties encompass the 10,500 foot (3,400 m) Mt. Creston and border six miles (9.6 km) of the Juramento River, the River of the Oath.

Together they make up our long-term conservation stewardship of the 70,000 acres known as Valle de Condor or Condor Valley.